New Hires

Tips for Competing with Walmart for New Hires

Walmart and other retailers or fast food outlets use aggressive marketing tactics to attract, hire, and retain employees. This makes them tough competition for employees, especially in a tight labor market. Businesses must compete with these industries in order to build and retain the best workforce they can.

One way to make your organization stand out among competing employers is to compile a checklist of advantages your company offers. Communicate these benefits to all prospective new hires through your job listings. Feel free to also share them with existing employees!

Here is a sample list you can use to market your company for new hires and existing employees:

  • The average weekly pay for an employee is ____
  • Minimum 40-hours a week
  • Overtime available
  • Any qualified employee can request extra hours online
  • Never miss a shift! We remind you by text of your next shift
  • 150% to 200% extra pay for working on any of the ___ holidays per year
  • Fixed schedule with the option to pick up more hours
  • View your schedule anytime, anywhere
  • See who you are working with
  • Earn paid time off
  • Receive unpaid time off with no penalties
  • Get 6-month reviews
  • Structured career path

Speed Up the Process with myApplicants

In times like this, we know that applicant tracking and onboarding are more important now than ever. That’s why MITC is pleased to announce the addition of myApplicants to Contractor Workforce Management!

myApplicants is a robust, web-based, end-to-end hiring solution complete with applicant tracking, pre-employment assessments, background checks, and drug screens. It even has the ability to push your new hire data right into MITC Time & Attendance with just a click.

To learn more, contact or read this free fact sheet for more information on myApplicants.