Secure Time & Attendance Will Pay for Itself

If you’ve noticed an uptick in your payroll costs from padded time when employees cheat the clock, it’s not just you! 

Partially, it actually stems from the current labor shortage. Many Contractors are struggling to keep their rosters full and are forced to be much less selective in their hiring. Compound this with the fact that many lower paid hourly employees know they can easily get a new job down the street in the current job market. In turn, this leads to decreased compliance with Time and Attendance Rules when using a system that has loopholes which make it easy for workers to cheat.

It is getting reported to us that the following types of compliance problems are at all time high:

  • Workers Padding time
  • Off-Site Punches
  • Buddy Punches
  • No Call/No Shows
  • Leaving the job site and then coming back
  • Even cases when employees have quit and don’t bother telling anyone, then they literally just stop showing up!

Seeing diminished profit margins due to paying for time that was not worked is bad enough. To add insult to injury, it only takes one employee doing any of the above to damage a relationship with one of your customers and jeopardize an entire contract.

That’s the bad news! The good news is paying for padded time does not have to be just another cost of doing business! MITC Clients can leverage the security features within their Workforce Management Platform to easily close all the loopholes in their Time and Attendance.

There are many generic web clock products on the market these days but they are not all created equal. MITC offers many additional layers of protection for Contractors in the form of:

  • Variable Distance Geo-Fencing w/ Street View – adjust the range of the Geo-fence individually by job. This will give you greater flexibility for job locations that have a large facilities where the employee may have a long way to travel across versus small job sites where you need to ensure the employee is not a short distance away (ex. At the McDonalds across the street 20 yards away).
  • Selfie Camera – to ensure it really is the employee making the punch.
  • Landmark Camera – to ensure employee is at the exact place they need to be (ex. The 8th floor lobby in a tall building, not the parking garage below).
  • Device Identification – to ensure different employees punches do not come from the same device (ie. a Buddy Punch).
  • myCheckIn – To verify workers do not leave the job during their shift.

Utilize these MITC Features as Best Practices. When paired with a Secured Time and Attendance System this will put the final clamp on leaky payroll:

  • No Show Alerts and Real-Time Quick Attendance Dashboards – Automatic text alerts when an employee is late, plus a real-time dash board that compares all shifts to actual punches in real-time to flag early/late arrivals/departures.
  • Frequent Offender Reports – Granular Trending Reports/Graphs to determine what employees miss punches by what frequency
  • Audit your Managers – Track the Managers to see what they are viewing and how long they spending in the system. These patterns reveal instances where a untrustworthy Manager may be “cooking the books”. Manager activity is logged in myMITC and easily audited when a time card/payroll record is in question.
  • Use appropriate Rounding Rules Protects against  employees that consistently leverage 7/8ths rounding to pad an extra 15 -30 mins per shift. MITC has 20 different options for rounding rules.  
  • Automate breaks – This often is another instance where padding can occur, or simply a lot of admin time wasted trying to keep the records straight.